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Redox agent:
a substance which promotes redox reactions.
Last referenced in: Technical textile markets: product developments and innovations, 1st quarter 2013 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 92)

a device consisting of several wires closely set which separate warp threads in a loom. The reed determines the spacing of the warp threads, guides the weft carrying device, and beats up the weft against the fell of the cloth.
Last referenced in: Apparel business update, 3rd quarter 2008 (Global Apparel Markets Issue 3)

Reed width:
the width of the fabric in the reed.

the ratio of the weight of water in a material to the oven-dry weight of the material.
Last referenced in: Trade and trade policy: the EU clothing import market and its ten largest supplying countries, 3rd quarter 2013 (Global Apparel Markets Issue 23)

Reinforcement (composites):
a fibre which, when encapsulated in a polymer resin matrix, forms a composite or fibreglass laminate.
Last referenced in: Editorial: innovations in composites for technical textiles (Technical Textile Markets Issue 96)

Reinforcement (geotextiles):
the ability of a geotextile to reduce stresses or contain deformation in geotechnical structures. The geotextile enhances the shear strength of the soil mass by adhering to the adjacent soil layers. The geotextile layers are normally placed across the potential failure planes to carry the tensile forces, which cannot be borne by an unreinforced soil mass.

Reinforcing component:
see reinforcement.
Last referenced in: A strong future for carbon, glass, synthetic and natural fibre textiles in composites (Technical Textile Markets Issue 96)

Repco spinning:
a technology for spinning yarns using a system of false twisting in which the rate of false twisting can be varied.

see prepreg, composite; also used as another word for polymer.
Last referenced in: Global apparel markets: product developments and innovations, 1st quarter 2014 (Global Apparel Markets Issue 25)

Resist treatment:
a treatment applied to part of a fabric which causes the area treated to resist the take-up of dye.
Last referenced in: Microencapsulation: for enhanced textile performance (Performance Apparel Markets Issue 12)

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