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the removal of a substance (such as a dyestuff) by a liquid which is in contact with the substance.
Last referenced in: Antimicrobial fibres, fabrics and apparel: innovative weapons against infection (Performance Apparel Markets Issue 47)

Leno weaving:
a form of weaving in which warp threads are made to cross one another between weft insertions.

Leno woven fabric:
a fabric characterised by an open cellular appearance.

a fabric in which warp threads have been made to cross one another between picks during leno weaving.

a tough band of tissue which connects two or more bones.
Last referenced in: Developments in medical textiles, 3rd quarter 2013 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 94)

Linear density:
the weight per unit length of a yarn or fibre. Units of linear density include decitex and denier.
Last referenced in: The world nonwovens industry: ten smaller producers, part 3 of 3, 2013-14 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 96)

Linters (cotton):
short, fine, silky fibres which adhere to the seeds of a cotton plant after ginning. Traditionally, linters are used in the manufacture of paper and as a raw material in the manufacture of cellulose and cellulosic fibres. Linters are also used in absorbent products for cosmetic and medical uses, including "cotton wool".
Last referenced in: The world nonwovens industry: 20 medium sized producers, part 2 of 3, 2011-12 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 87)

Liquor ratio:
the ratio between the mass of liquor employed in a wet processing treatment and the mass of fibrous material treated.
Last referenced in: World Markets for Textile Machinery: Part 4--Dyeing and Finishing (Textile Outlook International Issue 143)

linear low density polyethylene.
Last referenced in: Markets for geosynthetic products and profiles of five leading manufacturers (Technical Textile Markets Issue 92)

a thick heavy waterproof woollen cloth which is used to make garments, especially coats.
Last referenced in: Survey of the European yarn fairs for autumn/winter 2014/15 (Textile Outlook International Issue 165)

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