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a cylindrical structure with an outer diameter below 1,000 nm and an aspect ratiothe ratio between the fibres length and widthgreater than 50.
Last referenced in: Global technical textiles business update, 1st quarter 2014 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 96)

one billionth of a metre (10-9 metres).
Last referenced in: Editorial: Filter media containing nanofibres are playing a vital role in protecting the environment (Technical Textile Markets Issue 95)

research and technology development at the atomic, molecular or macromolecular levels (in the 1-100 nanometer range) aimed at creating and using materials which have novel properties and functions.
Last referenced in: Performance apparel markets: business update, 1st quarter 2014 (Performance Apparel Markets Issue 48)

a tube-like structure of sub-microscopic size.
Last referenced in: Product developments and innovations in the home textiles market, April 2014 (Textile Outlook International Issue 168)

Nanotube (carbon):
a fullerene with a cylindrical shape composed entirely of carbon molecules.

a wire measuring one nanometre (10-9 metres or one billionth of a metre) in diameter.
Last referenced in: Smart textiles and wearable technology: opportunities for life enhancement and health management (Performance Apparel Markets Issue 39)

a soft or fuzzy surface on a fabric, usually achieved by brushing.
Last referenced in: Profile of Elmarco: A Pioneer in Machines for Making Nanofibres (Technical Textile Markets Issue 72)

a fabric which has been treated to give a soft or fuzzy surface (nap) usually by brushing.
Last referenced in: Performance apparel markets: flame resistant fibres and fabrics, 1st quarter 2011 (Performance Apparel Markets Issue 36)

a unit denoting English cotton count, and an indirect (length per unit weight) measure of linear density. The Ne value is the number of 840 yd lengths of yarn weighing 1 lb
Last referenced in: Nanofibres: From Finer Filters to Advances in Electronics, Energy and Medical Applications (Technical Textile Markets Issue 74)

see needlepunching.