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Jacob's fleece:
the natural brown shade of the Jacob's sheep.

a description of techniques used for knitting and weaving to obtain large-scale and/or figured designs (named after the inventor, Joseph Marie Jacquard, 1752-1834). Jacquard looms are fitted with harnesses which facilitate control over individual warp threads, rather than groups of warp threads as in the case of non-jacquard looms. Consequently, jacquard looms are capable of weaving much more complex and sophisticated patterns than are possible using dobby machines.
Last referenced in: Prospects for the textile and clothing industry in China (Textile Outlook International Issue 168)

a fabric characterised by a subtle striped effect.
Last referenced in: Survey of the European Fabric Fairs for Autumn/Winter 2013/14 (Textile Outlook International Issue 160)

a viscose cloth with a spun weft and filament warp, characterised by a dull sheen.

Jersey fabric:
a generic name applied to weft knitted fabric.
Last referenced in: Survey of the European yarn fairs for spring/summer 2015 (Textile Outlook International Issue 168)

Joint venture:
A joint undertaking of a new, usually risky business in, for example, a developing country or in Eastern Europe.
Last referenced in: The world nonwovens industry: ten smaller producers, part 3 of 3, 2013-14 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 96)

a structured cloth constructed in varieties of piqué weave and usually made in cotton.

a fibre obtained from the bast layer of the plants Corchorus capsularis and Corchorus olitorius.
Last referenced in: Product developments and innovations in the home textiles market, April 2014 (Textile Outlook International Issue 168)