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small glass beads which are normally used in reflective paints but which can also be incorporated into fabrics.

handkerchief designs in simple colour and white stylised patterns, including spots and paisley.

a soft fabric with a lightly pebbled or ribbed surface which is constructed in a twilled hopsack or broken rib weave and is generally made from worsted wool--although it could be made from silk or other fibres. A worsted Barathea is often used to make evening jackets and dress coats.

Barrier (geotextiles):
a material which prevents fluid movement across the plane of a geotextile. A nonwoven geotextile saturated with an impermeable substance (eg bentonite clay) can act as a barrier material.
Last referenced in: Innovations in fibres, technical textiles, apparel and machinery, 4th quarter 2007 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 71)

Basket weave:
a textile weave consisting of double threads interlaced to produce a checkered pattern similar to that of a woven basket.

Bast fibre:
fibre obtained from the stems of certain types of plant.
Last referenced in: Prospects for the textile and clothing industry in the Philippines (Textile Outlook International Issue 167)

a traditional dyeing process in which portions of cloth are coated with wax and therefore resist the dye, enabling distinctive patterns to be created. Batik fabrics are characterised by a streaky or mottled appearance.
Last referenced in: Prospects for the textile and clothing industry in Indonesia, April 2012 (Textile Outlook International Issue 155)

single or multiple sheets of fibre used in the production of nonwoven fabric.
Last referenced in: Performance apparel markets: developments in military clothing, 3rd quarter 2008 (Performance Apparel Markets Issue 26)

a fabric or design with horizontal plain or patterned stripes.

(bulked continuous filament) textured yarn used mainly in the construction of carpets or upholstery.
Last referenced in: Global technical textiles business update, 1st quarter 2013 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 92)