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Last referenced in: Developments in medical textiles, 3rd quarter 2013 (Technical Textile Markets Issue 94)

a chemical substance secreted externally by certain animals which affects the behaviour or physiology of other animals of the same species.

Photovoltaic technology:
a technology used to convert sunlight directly into electricity.


a single weft thread in a fabric, as woven.
Last referenced in: Introduction to radio frequency identification (RFID) in apparel (Global Apparel Markets Issue 3)

Pigment dyeing:
a process used to give garments a characteristic "washed out" or weathered look, while offering good light- and wash-fastness and reasonable crocking (wet-rub) resistance. By their nature, pigments produce garments which change and age over time as they a

Pill, pilling:
the entangling of fibres during washing, dry cleaning, testing or in wear to form balls or pills which stand proud of the surface of a fabric and which are of such density that light will not pass through them (so that they cast a shadow).

a type of long-staple cotton.
Last referenced in: Survey of the European Yarn Fairs for Spring/Summer 2014 (Textile Outlook International Issue 161)

a woven cloth showing rounded cords in the weft direction with sunken lines between them.
Last referenced in: Profiles of major textile and clothing manufacturers and retailers in South Africa (Textile Outlook International Issue 167)

Piqué (knitted):
a jersey fabric with a special pattern of loop formation.

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